「GAME」Perfume / in English edition

投稿者: としぼん 投稿日時:2008/04/24
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Now in Japan, the most notable music group is Perfume. Their music is Techno-Pop. I recommend their BRAND-NEW ALBUM “GAME”.

Three cute girls belong to Perfume. They are KASHINO Yuka, NISHIWAKI Ayaka and OMOTO Ayano. They organized Perfume in 2000. At that time, they were local idol. It was nameless to most of the Japanese people. In 2003 they moved to TOKYO and met NAKATA Yasutaka. He is a very talented sound producer. His music is fresh and cool. Perfume’s cute voice and his music yield multiplier effect. Gradually Perfume established Japanese music fans.

They released a single CD “Polyrhythem” in 2007. It is very unique for Japanese that their music and dance. They got music fan’s heart.

Their music features are techno-pop sound without humanity and lyric with humanity. The main character of the lyrics always wants love & warmth of happy life. And their dancing performance is a very fantastic. You can find “Perfume’s performance” on Youtube. Try it please!!

GAME / Perfume
2008.4.16 released

02.plastic smile
04.Baby crusing Love
05.Chocolate Disco
07.Ceramic girl (Say Love Me Girl)
08.Take me Take me
09.Secret Secret
11.Twincle Snow Powdery Snow
12.Puppy Love


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「GAME」Perfume / in English edition